LJ of EarthFur (aka EarthFurst) (earthfur) wrote in britishcolumbia,
LJ of EarthFur (aka EarthFurst)

ask VPL (and other BC libraries) to get Spirit of the North magazine

Saw a British Columbian magazine in a shop and thought would be good if the magazine was in one (or more) libraries in BC.

Suggested to Vancouver library that they subscribe to Spirit of the North magazine.

The first issue is in stores now.

Title * : Spirit of the North
Author * : various
Format: Other *
Describe "other format": magazine
Publisher: Spirit of the North Publications
Publication date: 2009 September to present

Intended audience: Adult
How did you hear about this title? : Saw the first issue in the magazine section of a shop.

Why should this title be in the library ?: Is a new local magazine (based in South Hazelton, BC). First issue apparently got into shops in 2 months ago in September.
Hoping VPL will get the first issue of the magazine so I can read their article about Haida Gwaii islands (in British Columbia).
Description of latest issue at http://spiritnorthmag.ca/index.php/in-this-issue

"Your email has been sent!
Thank you. Your suggestion has been received, and will be forwarded to the appropriate Subject Division staff for consideration."
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