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BC Cancer Foundation Volunteer Shuttle to Washington June 21st.

For those of you who were interested in volunteering for BC Cancer Foundation's Ride to Conquer Cancer but were unable to be crew or were unable to get transportation to Washington State, we are really happy to have arranged to get a volunteer shuttle for Sunday June 21st that will leave from Downtown Vancouver, drive to the campsite in Mount Vernon in the morning, to Seattle in the afternoon, and then back to Downtown Vancouver in the evening. This means that if you live in Vancouver, have a passport, and want to put a very full volunteer day in on Sunday the 21st, you are now able to do so without worrying about transportation.

Details behind the cut for anyone who is interested!

How this will work (Please read carefully )
1. Very important: Everyone will need a valid passport to cross the border; no exceptions.
2. The shuttle will leave from Downtown Vancouver no later than 6:30am on Sunday, June 21st. It will stop at only one location for pick up. It won’t wait for people, so you’ll need to be on time.
3. Volunteers will cross the border in the shuttle and then head to the campsite in Mount Vernon, where they will help tear down tents (the tents weigh less than 20 lbs).
4. Volunteers will have a lunch break/rest once the tents are all down(you will have to bring your own bagged lunch, but we will provide water and snacks throughout the day).
5. Volunteers will then drive to the finish line in Seattle where they will help with the finish and closing. (Once again, water and snacks will be provided, and volunteers will be able to get food at various places in Seattle if they don’t want to bring dinner with them).
6. After tear down, the shuttle will return to Vancouver

A few important details:
- The ride to Mount Vernon from Vancouver will take about an hour, and the to Seattle from Mount Vernon will take another hour. This will be good time to sleep/read/relax/listen to music/stare out the window and daydream.
- If you sign up for this option, you MUST attend for the full day. We have very limited space, and we need to maximize that space by only allowing people to come if they take part in the whole volunteer experience of the day. No exceptions.
- If you come down with us, you must come back with us. We won’t be driving some people down to Seattle and then leaving them there for a few extra nights or anything like that; it just saves us from confusion and from accidentally leaving people behind. No exceptions.
- There are only 50 slots, because that is the amount of people that will fit on the shuttle. If you sign up, you need to be 99.999% sure that you will not be backing out at the last minute. We really need people who take this option to realize they are making a serious commitment.
If you are interested after reading the above, please email me at mwhitney@endcancer.ca using the subject heading "Seattle Shuttle" as soon as possible to sign up. If you have a friend that you want to sign up with you, they will need to separately email me if they are planning on coming. In other words, I can’t sign people up or reserve space for your friend if you write me and say “I will be coming and my friend will be coming” even if you give me their contact info. I need to hear it from them!

Thanks so much everyone!
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