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Be Apart of a Funky Mock Demonstration to Promote The Underwear Affair!!!

On April 29th 2009, we will be holding a funky and exciting Mock Demonstration in downtown Vancouver to promote BC Cancer Foundation's Underwear Affair.

Imagine this: 50 to 100 people of all ages, dressed in lab coats, scrubs, underwear, feather boas, silly wigs, fishnets, poofy skirts, and other crazy outfits, protesting cancers below the waist! Letting the world know... we won't take it anymore... no more cancers below the waist!

The Underwear Affair is a fun 10K run or 5K walk that benefits often underfunded cancers like prostate, colorectal and cervical. It’s time to do something bold and help support BC Cancer Foundation’s effort to find cures and better treatments for these cancers. It is one of those rare events that combine a really great cause and a really good time. It’s for people of all ages, all athletic abilities, and all fashion statements. Of course, participating in your underwear is encouraged, but not required.

For this promotional event we want to make a loud splash! The more people we expose this event to, the more registrations we will get, and the more money will go to the BC Cancer Foundation.

We are looking for:

- 50 to 100 people... one of which could be you, your friends, your family!
- These people should wear the craziest outfits you can imagine... wigs, scrubs, labcoats, feather boas, booty shorts, fishnets, underwear of any kind (try to keep it clean though, this is an all ages event), jumpsuits, leotards, etc, etc. How crazy can you get!?
- This event will take place in downtown Vancouver in a very public space (location to be announced very, very soon -- think the library or the art gallery)

We will provide the protest signs.

The event will occur on April 29th.

Everyone will meet at the BC Cancer Foundation Special Events Office at 11am (#303 - 698 Seymour Street). We will be done by 1:30pm.

Please note: this is a media launch, so you will likely get your picture in the paper or on tv. Dress accordingly =)

YOU MUST contact Monika, the Volunteer Coordinator, in order to participate. Please RSVP by April 20th, 2009, in order to ensure that you are signed up to participate. Remember, volunteers can be any age!

For more information or to sign up, please contact Monika at mwhitney@endcancer.ca. You can also visit our website at www.uncoverthecure.org
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