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Weekend Volunteer Trip to Seattle, Washington: Just $25!!!

The Ride to Conquer Cancer Crew is a group of exceptional volunteers whose mission is to provide outstanding service and support to create a historic 200km journey that will be unforgettable and will make a bold stand in the fight against cancer.

They are a team of passionate individuals who will unite to achieve one common goal over two days. They will work to help create an incomparable experience for the riders. To show the world that heroes really do exist. To take a stand in the fight against cancer. The Crew will truly serve as the backbone of the event. Instead of riding 200km the Crew are the support teams that will take the dream and make it a reality. The Crew will turn an empty field into camp; they will guide the riders along the route and be the support they need to go on each day. Together, the Crew and riders become a team. They are the Ride to conquer Cancer.

Crew members are registered participants in The Ride to Conquer Cancer benefitting BC Cancer Foundation, Canary Foundation, and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Like all registered participants, they pay an administration fee. The fee is regularly $75, but will be $25 for a limited time only. This fee includes all meals (2 lunches, 1 breakfast, 2 dinners), camping (tent and transportation of belongings provided), as well as transportation starting in Vancouver, BC, Canada to and from Seattle, Washington USA. We will be camping overnight in the Mt. Vernon area.

NOTE: Crew is a full 2 day commitment: June 20-21, 2009.

For the cost of the registration fee, all camping, transportation, training, massage, physio, entertainment, and meals provided for the 2 day duration of the event. You'll also get a jersey, participation certificate, and a letter of reccomendation upon request.

To register to be crew, please visit www.conquercancer.ca and use the promotion code "ride09" to get your registration for $25.
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