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britishcolumbia's Journal

British Columbia
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This is the British Columbia Livejournal Community - inviting BC residents, visitors, or simply those who are curious about this west coast Canadian province, to engage in a variety of BC-related discussions.

So what's appropriate in this community? Well...

  • Do you have a question about moving to BC?
  • Are you hoping to hook up with people during your vacation in the Okanagan?
  • Want to inform others about a cool BC neighbourhood you discovered?
  • Are you planning to go to university here and want some advice?
  • Want to know where the best snowboarding is?
  • Are you looking for jobs in BC but don't know where to start?
  • Want to know the best 80's nights in Vancouver?
  • Curious about the weather on Vancouver Island?
  • Want to know the best place for sushi in the Lower Mainland?
  • Want to gush about your favourite BC band?
  • Curious about camping conditions around Quesnel?
  • Want to know where the best antique stores are in Victoria?
  • Want to share your BC photos and travelogues?
  • Did you just want to say a friendly hello?

(you get the main idea!)

That's what this community is here for - just a way to connect the province together under one community, to help eachother out and to be geeky livejournalists, informing eachother and having fun!

There are only a few simple rules:

1. Please don't spam up the BC community with quizes. Use your personal Livejournal for that.

2. Don't post a dozen webcam shots of your face. Once again, use your personal Livejournal for that. If you're going to post photos, be smart about it. Photos of BC scenery, etc, are welcome, but please use the LJ-cut tag if you plan to post a lot of them.

3. Please keep the posts BC-related. It's not hard to do. Thanks!