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VOTE FOR CHELSEA [03 Oct 2010|07:36pm]

This may be totally inappropriate and I totally apologize, but Im really trying to help my cousin out by posting her link online :)

She is auditioning to become host of a travelling show! with the hopes of winning land and money!!

She is in third place, so if you could take the time to vote for her that would be incredible!!
(dont worry, you dont have to create an account)

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Are you into steampunk? How about SF/F in general? [14 Sep 2010|10:40am]

Hi there! I thought this would be a good place to mention VCON, Vancouver's SF/F convention. This year, the theme is steampunk! Please follow the links for more information. The con runs Oct. 1-3; if you're interested, take action soon!
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Missing person in Fort St John - Please Cross-Post [14 Apr 2010|03:16pm]

My friend Abigail Andrews has been missing for a week. She is 28, pregnant, and was last seen leaving her apartment in Fort St John walking to a friend's house.

She is 6ft tall, and not the type of person you would imagine a mugger striking at random would go after. She is generally very communicative and no one has heard from her or seen her since April 7.

All the RCMP has said is that there may be foul play involved.

Somebody somewhere has to know something.

I am sorry to bother you on this page, but all of her family and friends are worried sick. Please take a minute to look at the news articles, join the facebook group and pass along the information to anyone you may know, espeically in Northern BC or the interior of Alberta. If you can recommend anywhere else to post or would like to cross post, PLEASE do.

Thank you.

Facebook page (PLEASE JOIN): http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=104181069623948#!/group.php?gid=104181069623948&ref=mf

The RCMP of BC has a Twitter page: http://twitter.com/bcRCMP







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TubaChristmas in Penticton, BC! Players needed! [06 Dec 2009|10:46am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Do you play the Tuba, Euphonium/Baritone, or even the trombone? Then you MUST come out and play with us for a performance of "Carols for a Merry Tubachristmas" on December 19th!

Tubachristmas is an event that takes places all over the world and this is the 36th year. The music is written in four part harmony and is available in both bass and treble clef. Dust the horn off and bring it out to play. We're going to have one practice evening (not mandatory, but recommended) and one performance at Cherry Lane Mall in Penticton on the afternoon of December 19th.

For more information, please comment, or call 250-494-1621, and ask for Kenzie.

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ask VPL (and other BC libraries) to get Spirit of the North magazine [14 Nov 2009|11:17pm]

Saw a British Columbian magazine in a shop and thought would be good if the magazine was in one (or more) libraries in BC.

Suggested to Vancouver library that they subscribe to Spirit of the North magazine.

The first issue is in stores now.

Title * : Spirit of the North
Author * : various
Format: Other *
Describe "other format": magazine
Publisher: Spirit of the North Publications
Publication date: 2009 September to present

Intended audience: Adult
How did you hear about this title? : Saw the first issue in the magazine section of a shop.

Why should this title be in the library ?: Is a new local magazine (based in South Hazelton, BC). First issue apparently got into shops in 2 months ago in September.
Hoping VPL will get the first issue of the magazine so I can read their article about Haida Gwaii islands (in British Columbia).
Description of latest issue at http://spiritnorthmag.ca/index.php/in-this-issue

"Your email has been sent!
Thank you. Your suggestion has been received, and will be forwarded to the appropriate Subject Division staff for consideration."
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Affordable Resume Service in Kelowna BC [15 Oct 2009|09:42am]

Hi everyone!

I have a passion for helping people, and a knack for creating resumes that highlight the best you have to offer. Whether you're looking to enter the job market, advance in your field, or take your career in a brand new direction, I would be happy to help you put your best foot forward!

Details Under CutCollapse )

x-posted to kelowna
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Come Volunteer for The Weekend to End Breast Cancer! [20 Jul 2009|02:56pm]
The Weekend to End Breast Cancer is a 2-day, 60km walk with one night of camping to raise money for BC Cancer Foundation and for the fight against breast cancer and other women's cancers throughout the province. Participants will start on Saturday August 15th at Rocky Mountaineer (near Main and Terminal) and walk 30km to Killarney Park (near 49th and Rupert). They will spend the night in our tent village and then walk another 30k back to Rocky Mountaineer!

We need volunteers to help with this fantastic event... volunteers like you! We have the following shifts available, so please email me at mwhitney@endcancer.ca as soon as possible if you are interested in any of them!

- August 15th, Rocky Mountaineer, 5am to noon, Lots of admin type shifts, lots of participant interaction
- August 16th, Killarney Park, 8am to 1pm, You will be taking down sleeping tents on this shift (great for large or small groups and families)
- August 16th, Rocky Mountaineer, 5am to 1pm, Set-Up/Admin Type Shifts/Closing Ceremonies
- August 16th, Rocky Mountaineer, 1pm to 8pm, Tear Down/Admin Type Shifts/Closing Ceremonies

Thanks in advance!!! For more info on this event you can visit www.endcancer.ca
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[11 Jul 2009|11:22am]

Hi BC,

My girlfriend and I are planning a week long trip to Victoria/Vancouver Island next month. We're hoping to do 3 nights camping and then 2 nights in a nice hotel in Victoria. I'm hoping someone here has suggestions on where we should go. I'm more concerned about the camping than finding a hotel in Victoria. We'll be traveling from Port Angeles by ferry.

As far as hotels in Victoria go - Abigail's Hotel and The Grand Pacific both sound really nice. We would like to keep it under $200/night, be within walking distance to downtown Victoria, and prefer a quieter hotel. Any thoughts?

As far as camping goes we're looking for somewhere pretty, QUIET, not more than 2 hours from Victoria, and a place willing to take reservations. We like ocean, mountains, rivers, lakes. Anything. The more primitive, the better as there are less likely to be RVs, etc.. We'll be staying in a tent.

Thanks for your help!
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Elimination diet help in Victoria, Vancouver and Peachland area? [02 Jul 2009|11:37pm]

I'm traveling to BC for two weeks (staying in Vancouver, Victoria and Peachland) and am looking for any tips on restaurants that are elimination diet friendly. Basically, I'm vegetarian and avoiding all dairy, wheat/gluten, sugar, soy and a bunch of other things... Places where I've generally found food tend to be veggie restaurants, raw food places, and other organic "health food" type restaurants where they list what is gluten free on their menu, or are typically knowledgeable about the ingredients in their food. Any suggestions?

Thanks a bunch!
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BC Cancer Foundation Volunteer Shuttle to Washington June 21st. [08 Jun 2009|10:54am]
For those of you who were interested in volunteering for BC Cancer Foundation's Ride to Conquer Cancer but were unable to be crew or were unable to get transportation to Washington State, we are really happy to have arranged to get a volunteer shuttle for Sunday June 21st that will leave from Downtown Vancouver, drive to the campsite in Mount Vernon in the morning, to Seattle in the afternoon, and then back to Downtown Vancouver in the evening. This means that if you live in Vancouver, have a passport, and want to put a very full volunteer day in on Sunday the 21st, you are now able to do so without worrying about transportation.

Details behind the cut for anyone who is interested!

Read more...Collapse )
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Last Chance to Volunteer for The Ride to Conquer Cancer [26 May 2009|11:21am]
The detailed version is much longer and behind the cut, but I will sum it up in brief. If you are interested, you can read the further details behind the cut. Important point: you don't need to cycle or have a bike to volunteer! Only participants will be biking.

On June 20th to 21st, cyclists will be participating in The Ride to Conquer Cancer which is a bike ride from Vancouver BC to Seattle WA. Full proceeds of the event will go to support BC Cancer Foundation, Canary Foundation (WA) and The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre (WA). We need volunteers in a few locations:

Saturday Morning June 20th at Guildford Mall in Surrey (Canada) from 4am to noon.
Saturday Morning June 20th at Edgewater Park in Mount Vernon (USA) setting up tents from 8am to 2pm.
Sunday Morning June 21st at Edgewater Park in in Mount Vernon (USA) taking down tents from 9am to 2pm
Sunday Morning and Afternoon at the University of Washington (USA) June 21st in Seattle
(Note: Volunteers MUST provide their own transportation to the above opportunities)

We have a shuttle from Vancouver to Seattle for those volunteers that want to put in a full day on Sunday the 21st.

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Fruit Basket! All ages youth variety show focusing on gender, sexuality and sex. MUST SEE! [08 May 2009|11:02am]

[ mood | excited ]

A Raunchy Roster of Relevant Rhetoric on Friday, May 22!
8:00pm @ the WISE hall (1882 Adanac Street)

A basket of fun is waiting for you, calling you forth with its bright colours and sweet promises.

Fruit Basket presented by the Cultch, on Friday May 22nd will be a whimsical variety show focused on gender, sex, and orientation. It will showcase music, dance, poetry, gender performance and much more. Fruit Basket is an all ages show during the IGNITE! Youth Festival that will blow your mind like a watermelon in a microwave. Spurts of originality, a splash of variety, and a spatter of relevance.

Thee Ahs
Black Parade Kings
Hiiro Prince
Natalie Gray
Brandon McGorigal
Kits Improv
Kidnap Kids!
Brett Owen

With MAGICAL fruity MCs Fiona and Nina!

The WISE hall will be transformed into a magical wonderland for an evening of jaw-dropping performances all themed around issues of sex, sexuality, and gender.

Uncensored and unashamed, Fruit Basket is always a festival highlight.

This fruit basket has room for everything, not just fruit. Ever wanted to try dressing in drag? Here's some encouragement: Dress in drag and get in FREE!

$2 youth 12 -19
$5 students & seniors
$10 regular
$30 week pass (see the entire festival and save $20!)



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Medical records question [05 May 2009|01:15pm]

This might be a long shot, but does anyone know what happens to a person's medical records when they move out of a particular city, or how long they might be kept for? I'd like to get my records from when I was a kid growing up in Powell River.

The reason I ask is that I'm trying to find out exactly when I was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. My dad can't remember if I was four or five years old, my brother thinks I was four years old, and I think I was five years old. I think I was in kindergarten at the time, but my dad thinks it was before I started school. But even if knew my age or knew for sure I was in kindergarten, I don't know what year that was, never mind the actual day.

I need this information because I'm applying to a charity that funds insulin pumps for people who don't have private medical insurance, and they want to know my date of diagnosis. I'd also just like to know when my "diabeteversary" is.
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youth GENDER-BLENDER discussion workshop on Sunday, May 3rd!! [25 Apr 2009|06:49pm]

Attention youth 13-24!

We want you to attend the 2nd annual Gender Blender, presented by IGNITE!, Vancouver's largest youth-driven arts festival, and the Fruit Basket variety show.

The Gender Blender will be an open discussion session about all things related to sex, gender and orientation, combined with fruit smoothie-making and lots of laughter. Arrive at 5:30 with a piece of fruit to break the ice with smoothie-making and -drinking. At 6:00 we will begin our discussion based on your ideas. Topics could include: sex, sexual orientation, pornography, gender identity, queer issues, straight issues, relationships.

This is the third and final workshop in our series, and if you missed our drag techniques and queer history workshops, you definitely won't want to miss this!

Don't forget to bring a smoothie-friendly piece of fruit to share! We'll be providing the blenders, frozen berries, soy milk, and yogurt!

Sunday, May 3 at 5:30pm
The green house, 1885 Venables (right next to the under construction Cultch)
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=99130075630

Want to know more about Fruit Basket?

A basket of fun is waiting for you, calling you forth with its bright colours and sweet promises. Fruit Basket at the Cultch on Friday May 22nd will be a whimsical variety show focused on the topics of gender, sex, and orientation. It will showcase music, dance, poetry, gender performance and much more. Fruit Basket is an all-ages show that takes place as part of the IGNITE! Youth Festival @ the Cultch. It will blow your mind like a watermelon in a microwave: spurts of originality, a splash of variety, and a splatter of relevance. This fruit basket has room for everything, not just fruit. Ever wanted to try dressing in drag? Here's some encouragement: Dress in drag and get in FREE!
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Free Snacks & Joe Boxer Apparel: Help us Launch the Underwear Affair! [24 Apr 2009|09:50am]
We are launching the Underwear Affair in Vancouver we need your help! To kick things off we are staging fun and funky demonstrations against underwear cancers complete with picket lines, chanting, and homemade signage. We want you to join us on the picket line and raise awareness about these insidious cancers and the Underwear Affair. Come on down and join to make your voice heard. It is time we lift the taboos surrounding underwear cancers and put these diseases on the run!

April 29th we would like demonstrators to arrive at the BC Cancer Foundation Special Events Office at absolutely not one minute later than 11am. Seems strict, but it's very important =) We plan to start the demonstration at noon. NOTE: DO NOT JUST SHOW UP! YOU MUST RSVP by NO LATER than April 27th, 2009. You will NOT be participating without RSVPing! You need all of the proper details to participate =)

The Art Gallery in Vancouver (Robson side) Media will be invited for 12:30 and things wrap up around 2pm.

Since the UA is all about putting the fun back in fundraiser we want everyone to dress the part. As you do on event come out in crazy costumes, funky getup, underwear or with underwear over your pants. Given the prevalence of underwear cancers and the need for events like the Underwear Affair we need our demonstration to grab attention.

We will provide you with snacks and beverages to help fuel you during the demonstration. All we ask is that you show up in fun, funky attire as you would on event and that you come for ready for a good time on the picket line.

For more info on how to participate in the demonstration against underwear cancers to kickoff the 2009 Underwear Affair please contact Monika Whitney at mwhitney@endcancer.ca by April 20th, 2009.
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Be Apart of a Funky Mock Demonstration to Promote The Underwear Affair!!! [06 Apr 2009|02:22pm]
On April 29th 2009, we will be holding a funky and exciting Mock Demonstration in downtown Vancouver to promote BC Cancer Foundation's Underwear Affair.

Imagine this: 50 to 100 people of all ages, dressed in lab coats, scrubs, underwear, feather boas, silly wigs, fishnets, poofy skirts, and other crazy outfits, protesting cancers below the waist! Letting the world know... we won't take it anymore... no more cancers below the waist!

The Underwear Affair is a fun 10K run or 5K walk that benefits often underfunded cancers like prostate, colorectal and cervical. It’s time to do something bold and help support BC Cancer Foundation’s effort to find cures and better treatments for these cancers. It is one of those rare events that combine a really great cause and a really good time. It’s for people of all ages, all athletic abilities, and all fashion statements. Of course, participating in your underwear is encouraged, but not required.

For this promotional event we want to make a loud splash! The more people we expose this event to, the more registrations we will get, and the more money will go to the BC Cancer Foundation.

We are looking for:

- 50 to 100 people... one of which could be you, your friends, your family!
- These people should wear the craziest outfits you can imagine... wigs, scrubs, labcoats, feather boas, booty shorts, fishnets, underwear of any kind (try to keep it clean though, this is an all ages event), jumpsuits, leotards, etc, etc. How crazy can you get!?
- This event will take place in downtown Vancouver in a very public space (location to be announced very, very soon -- think the library or the art gallery)

We will provide the protest signs.

The event will occur on April 29th.

Everyone will meet at the BC Cancer Foundation Special Events Office at 11am (#303 - 698 Seymour Street). We will be done by 1:30pm.

Please note: this is a media launch, so you will likely get your picture in the paper or on tv. Dress accordingly =)

YOU MUST contact Monika, the Volunteer Coordinator, in order to participate. Please RSVP by April 20th, 2009, in order to ensure that you are signed up to participate. Remember, volunteers can be any age!

For more information or to sign up, please contact Monika at mwhitney@endcancer.ca. You can also visit our website at www.uncoverthecure.org
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Weekend Volunteer Trip to Seattle, Washington: Just $25!!! [02 Apr 2009|02:42pm]
The Ride to Conquer Cancer Crew is a group of exceptional volunteers whose mission is to provide outstanding service and support to create a historic 200km journey that will be unforgettable and will make a bold stand in the fight against cancer.

They are a team of passionate individuals who will unite to achieve one common goal over two days. They will work to help create an incomparable experience for the riders. To show the world that heroes really do exist. To take a stand in the fight against cancer. The Crew will truly serve as the backbone of the event. Instead of riding 200km the Crew are the support teams that will take the dream and make it a reality. The Crew will turn an empty field into camp; they will guide the riders along the route and be the support they need to go on each day. Together, the Crew and riders become a team. They are the Ride to conquer Cancer.

Crew members are registered participants in The Ride to Conquer Cancer benefitting BC Cancer Foundation, Canary Foundation, and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Like all registered participants, they pay an administration fee. The fee is regularly $75, but will be $25 for a limited time only. This fee includes all meals (2 lunches, 1 breakfast, 2 dinners), camping (tent and transportation of belongings provided), as well as transportation starting in Vancouver, BC, Canada to and from Seattle, Washington USA. We will be camping overnight in the Mt. Vernon area.

NOTE: Crew is a full 2 day commitment: June 20-21, 2009.

For the cost of the registration fee, all camping, transportation, training, massage, physio, entertainment, and meals provided for the 2 day duration of the event. You'll also get a jersey, participation certificate, and a letter of reccomendation upon request.

To register to be crew, please visit www.conquercancer.ca and use the promotion code "ride09" to get your registration for $25.
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Moving Boxes [20 Mar 2009|11:38am]

I have over 20 big sturdy moving boxes that are still in good condition and I don't want to have to throw them out.
If anyone wants them, they're totally free. The only catch is you have to pick them up in Abbotsford.

x-posted to vancouver
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Calling all musicians 13-24 and other artists to audition for IGNITE! X !!! [18 Mar 2009|10:32pm]

The Cultch's Youth Panel is currently seeking artists aged 13-24 to perform as part of the IGNITE! Youth Festival.

Actors! Dancers! Drag Performers! Filmmakers! Magicians! Circus Performers! Musicians! Visual Artists! ...and everything in between!

Be a part of the 10th year anniversary of Vancouver's largest Youth Driven Arts Festival.

Auditions are scheduled for the first weekend in April.
Application deadline is March 31st.

If you would like to schedule an audition you must be in touch with the appropriate performance committee:

Music: cultchmusic@gmail.com
Dance: cultchdance@gmail.com
Visual Art: cultchart@gmail.com
Fruit Basket: cultchfruit@gmail.com
Theatre/Improv/Monologues: corbin@thecultch.com
Everything else: cultchvariety@gmail.com

If you're curious about Fruit Basket...

Are you interested in gender/queer/sex issues, activism,
living, love? Do you have genitals, and/or are you a
human being? If you answered YES! to any or all of the
above we want you to contribute to FRUIT BASKET!
Fruit Basket is an all ages variety show part of IGNITE! X. Be a nutritious ingredient in this tasty mélange of drag, music, poetry, theatre, film, magic, stand-up or anything else you can bring to the table. We are looking for performances dealing with issues of gender, sex, and sexuality. Although there will be "fruit" in this basket, all foodstuffs are invited. Part of a complete meal. To find out more information or to set up an audition, please contact The Fruit Basket Committee.

One more awesome event in the festival:

5 or 6: fiveorsixfestival@gmail.com

Five or Six will take place on Saturday May 25th, from 5-7pm (time subject to change). Inspired by the Hive Events, Five or Six will be a multi-disciplinary arts extravaganza unlike any other. There will be art installed and performances happening in and around The Cultch all themed around the theme of "the senses". Audience members will be invited to experience the event on their own terms, choosing which areas of the site to explore, and in what order.

We are looking for artists from all genres of media to create a work of art that plays on one or more of these senses or emphasizes the loss of a sense. The art will be displayed or performed over the course of the 2 hour event. Performance art should have a running time of less than 25 minutes.

For more information about any of this, please contact Corbin Murdoch, Youth Program Manager:

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Weekend to End Breast Cancer Expo! [17 Mar 2009|03:01pm]
The Weekend to End Breast Cancer is a 2-day, 60km walk with one night of camping to raise money for BC Cancer Foundation and for the fight against breast cancer and other women's cancers throughout the province.   Thousands of women and men will unite in the streets of Vancouver in heroic commitment to ending this disease.

We would like to invite you to our Weekend to End Breast Cancer Expo on Saturday March 21st, 2009 from 10am to 2pm at Douglas College in New Westminster to learn more about this amazing event!  We will have everything you need to know about The Weekend to End Breast Cancer, including but not limited to fundraising and event information sessions, massage, snacks and beverages, freebies and prizes, a marketplace, and more.  Also, make sure to wear your best walking shoes to take part in our sample Training Walk!

It will be a free, fun, and fulfilling way to spend part of your Saturday!

To be eligible for a prize, please RSVP on our website at


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